Pre-Puppy Preparation

After years of searching for the right new puppy, I am now days away from welcoming Quest into our family.

Obviously a lot of research was done to find the perfect breeder etc, I wont fill this blog up with that. I wanted to let you know what steps I have taken to ensure the puppy has the best start possible in his new home.

With having other dogs it is so important that I get the first few days right and I’m sure I will chat to you all about that as time goes on.

This blog is all about what things I have purchased to help me ensure that Quest settles in to his new home with ease.

Puppy Pen and Crate

Puppies need a lot of rest and also a space where they can play, eat, drink etc without my other dogs bothering them.

I have set this up by putting up a puppy pen with a crate inside. I have chosen an airline crate, this is so I can easily transport Quest to wherever I am in the house. He will be sleeping in my room at night for the first few nights (or however long it takes until he is confident enough to sleep alone) so by getting him happy to sleep in the airline crate it will make the process stress free.

I do also have a metal crate available if for any reason he doesn’t like the airline crate I then have another option for him.

Blanket and a Selection of Toys.

I have a few soft blankets that I will use for inside of the crate. I also have a larger blanket that I can use to cover the crate if I need to.

It is important that I have a selection of toys that Quest is able to play with to both interact with me but also to explore on his own.

Playing with me will help us to bond and form a strong relationship and by allowing him to explore toys on his own (well under supervision) it allows him to gain confidence exploring the world around him in an appropriate way. I will have a separate collection of toys that I use to interact with me and others that he can play with without my interaction.

Enrichment Toys

All dog benefit from canine enrichment but especially puppies as it enables them to do a calm activity when they aren’t allowed lots of physical exercise.

I have purchased a range of canine enrichment toys. Some will be used to promote calmness in his crate, some for independence away from me and the snuffle mat will enable him to engage his nose in a calming but mentally stimulating way.

Collar, Harness and ID Tag

I have purchased a couple of collars and harnesses for Quest to use as he grows. These will be introduced to him gradually and at a pace that his is comfortable with. It is important that the harnesses are comfortable and don’t restrict movement of his front legs.

I have also purchased an ID tag that will sit flat on his collar. In agility you are not allowed to have tags that hang down from the collar for safety reasons. Even though Quest will not be doing any agility for a while yet, it is a good opportunity to get him confident in wearing this on his collar. It is a legal requirement in the UK that all pet dogs have to wear an ID tag when they are in public spaces.

Leads and Long Lines

I have purchased a range of leads and long lines for Quest to use as he grows. The long lines will only be attached to his harness and we will use the lightweight puppy line for the first few weeks.

A Selection of Appropriate Chews

Just like the enrichment toys, it is important that Quest has the opportunity to chew on a selection of appropriate chews. (In this picture some of the items are for my older dogs).

Puppies explore the world with their mouths and they will also go through the painful process of teething. By giving Quest a range of appropriate items to chew on it will give him a calming activity to do that will also tire him out – chewing is hard work!

It is important that dogs are supervised when giving them items to chew on.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my pre-puppy preparation. I will be going into each item in more detail as time goes on.

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By KB Agility

Games Based Agility Coach. One to One Agility Training. Small Group Workshops and Seminars. Based in Derbyshire.

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