Week 1 Round Up

So, Quest is now 9 weeks old and has been home with us for just over a week.

We have had a fantastic week and owning him is just a dream! He is the perfect puppy with all of the traits I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong, he has his zoomy, nippy moments like any puppy but as I know how to cope with these, they really aren’t a problem.

We have spent time cuddling and getting to know each other and we have been on some adventures too:

  • Car rides
  • Vet visit
  • Visit to my training arena
  • Garden centre visit

We have also been working on bits of training:

  • Toilet training (going very well)
  • Settling in a crate (perfect – I didn’t have to train it at all)
  • Recall
  • Following me / early loose lead work (no lead)
  • Focus work around distractions
  • Interacting with my other dogs (done very slowly)
  • Relationship games
  • Trying new foods, tastes and textures
  • Calm training including kongs, likimats etc
  • Toy play
  • Confidence games

I have documented and videoed everything we have done, and it is all there ready for anyone who joins my online puppy diary subscription to see!

I am a massive believer that the reason my dogs, and my students dogs have seen so much success is down to the games that I teach and train. This is exactly why I wanted to share each stage with you in my online programme, and also by including little bits in this blog!

The first week with Quest couldn’t have gone any better. He settles in a crate, he sleeps for 5 or 6 hours through the night, he has a fantastic work ethic and drive but equally a brilliant off switch and he loves a cuddle!

I am so exited to see what the next week brings! Here are a few pics for you of week 1:

By KB Agility

Games Based Agility Coach. One to One Agility Training. Small Group Workshops and Seminars. Based in Derbyshire.

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